Battery Charger

Optimized charging circuit design with wide varieties for devices powered by batteries and battery management system.
  • 2800W AC/DC high power battery charger
  • IP65 rating
  • suitable for heavy electric motorcycle and vehicle
  • three phase charging curve 
  • CANbus 
  • EN55014
  • Suitable dimension; easy to carry
  • Low surface tempeture; scald avoid
  • CC/CV charging mode
  • Charging curve provided by different Li-acid; Lithium battery 




  • 20KW On board charger
  • IP67 rating; anti-vibration
  • Water cooling; tempeture monitoring
  • Pure electric or Hybrid vehicle 
  • Single and three phase input
  • CANbus
  • 42V/4A portible battery charger
  • Fanless, neutral cooling; low surface temputure
  • CC/CV charging mode


  • 42V/2A; 230V Li-ion CC/CV mode mobility battery charger
  • Avoid over charging or discharging
  • AC-DC Li-ion Battery charger
  • 42Vdc/2A output with CC/CV charging curve
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