FSP Group Won the 1st 80PLUS Platinum Certificate of the World


FSP group has won the highest class certificate Platinum of the 80PLUS Multi Output of power supply 

http://www.80plus.org/manu/psu/psu_reports/FSP%20TECHNOLOGY_FSP450-60PTM_ECOS%202146_450W_Report_Rev%202.pdf, and it is also the 1st 80PLUSPlatinum certified power supply of the world, which again demonstrates the management idea and goal of FSP Group which is to be a leading positionwith excellent market trend analysis and out-standing R&D technologies. FSP Group has always seeking to research and develop Green Power products, and has introduced the 80PLUS certificate its power products of all series. Up until now, FSP has far preceded the other companies of the industry, with a total of 235 models of products passed the 80PLUScertificate, which makes it a manufacturer owning the most 80PLUScertificate power products in the industry.http://www.80plus.org/manu/psu/psu_detail.aspx?id=37&type=2

PC switch power supply is responsible for providing regulated power supply for computers. Therefore, the stability of power and output is the most important factor to consider when consumers choose a switch power supply. With the promotion of global environmental awareness and energy-saving requirements, the conversion efficiency of power is also a factor to be reckoned with. The power supply with 80PLUS certificate will have less energy loss during power conversion, especially those with 80PLUSPlatinum, which has the lowest energy loss. The 80PLUS Platinum certificate requires power efficiency of 90%, 92% and 89% or above respectively when the load is 20%, 50% and 100%. FSP 450-60PTM which passed 80PLUS Platinum certificate recently, is a 450-watt multi-outputtype power supply whose efficiency achieves 90.79%, 93.13% and 91.89%at 20%, 50%, and 100% loading points, and the power factor control (PFC) is above 0.98. These features make it a real type with high efficiency.

The main architecture of FSP450-60PTM is the Interleaved Critical PFC, including several technologies to promote the efficiency: 1. The single stageD2D converter integrates technologies of Frequency Modulation, Phase Shift Modulation, and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which provide precise cross regulation of voltage through the least conversion links; 2. Technologies to integrate synchronous rectification with the function of simultaneous switch control; 3. Interleaving PFC working at CCM (Critical Conduction Mode); 4.Zero Voltage Switching. What’s more? It has several features and conforms to the requirements of Intel ATX 12V 2.3 and a variety of circuit protection norms such as OVP, OCP, SCP, OTP, OPP, UVP, etc.

FSP Group has a large professional R&D team, with more than 400 professional R&D engineers all around the world who are devoted to the development of Green Power products. It has been 18 years since FSP Group was founded, and now it has established its leading position in the market. Meanwhile, producing a power product with high efficiency means less expense for electricity of consumers, and more control over the global energy loss as well. Up to now, FSP Group has a total of 235 products with 80PLUS certificate, and the number is still growing. Are you seeking switch power supply with high efficiency and energy conservation? FSP Group is your best choice.


About FSP Group

Founded in 1993, FSP Group is a leading manufacturer of power supplies and has almost 18 years experience in designing products plus a team of over 400 R&D engineers.  With a strong commitment to quality and the environment, FSP Group currently has 235 products certified as 80Plus – more than any other manufacturer in the world.  Today, FSP Group is the 3rd largest manufacturer of desktop power supplies.


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